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The Radiante Green Hoop is a balance between a meaningful crystal and a radiant PFABMOM signature colored hoop.


Radiante is a PFABMOM x Lovelies by Loeloe collection. Radiante means Radiant in Papiamentu. When you wear your Radiante hoops daily and intentionally you'll always be Glowing.


Choose your crystal:
a lucky stone, for love, success, Helps you let go of old behavior patterns and boosts self-confidence. Birthstone for January

A meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, Spiritual and physical to promote calmness, balance, and peace. Birthstone for February

A Gemstone that brings happiness in waves and brings self-respect and inner peace. Birthstone for March

Herkimer Diamond
A very high vibrational stone that helps you enhance your positive intentions, dreams and intuition. Birthstone for April

A gem that works towards awakening the heart to love andenhancing memory and mental clarity.Birthstone for May

A gem that can help bring more love into your life and will aid in understanding your emotions.Birthstone for June

A powerful grounding gemstone that sparks life and brings out the fortitude within and encourages to follow ones passion. Birthstone for July

A gem to ward off “evil” spirits and activates the energies of abundance and the manifestation of wealth.Birthstone for August

An enhancer of insight that helps you communicate your inner vision and supports mental discipline. Birthstone for September

Rose Quartz
A crystal of unconditional love, compassion, peace, tenderness, healing and comfort. A gem that brings out ones feminine energy. Birthstone for October

A gemstone that encourages fullness of life, happiness and new pursuits. a gem that opens the intuition and attracts wealth and success. Birthstone for November

A gemstone that protects the wearer from negative energy, brings peace and is a symbol of friendship. Birthstone for December

Radiante Green Crystal (single) Hoop

SKU: 0009
€ 24,95Price
Color: Green

The hoop is made from a 14 mm gold plated stainless steel hoop dipped in a Green enamel.This is just one hoop, buy 2 to make a pair.

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