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The Radiante Aventurine Necklace is a balance between a meaningful crystal and edgy chain. Complimented by the Radiante Charm to remind you that you are strong, powerful and (P)Fabulous. Aventurine is a stone of prosperity, that stabilizes one’s state of mind and stimulates perception and creativity.


Radiante is a PFABMOM x Lovelies by Loeloe collection. Radiante means Radiant in Papiamentu. When you wear your Radiante necklace daily and intentionally you'll always be Glowing.

Radiante Aventurine Necklace

SKU: 0011
€ 72,95Price

The necklace is made from a 22 cm gold plated stainless steel chain connected with a 22m string of Amethyst Crystals. The Radiante charm is also made from gold plated stainless steel and is about 25mm.

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